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All manufactured products are warranted against defects in materials for a period of 5 years in residential use and 1 year in commercial and rental use.  This warranty begins from the date of substantial completion.  If a part is found to be defective upon inspection by a qualified warranty representative of Altima Cabinet Works, the part will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of the representative) at no charge.  This warranty is limited to the replacement cost of the parts and does not include installation labor.  In some instances a credit adjustment will be issued in lieu of repair or replacement.                                        


1)    Products or parts that require repair or replacement due to installation error, misuse, abuse or transportation damage             will not be covered.

2)    Product failure due to extremely high or low humidity levels, or the movement of adjacent or attached related work by           other trades will not be covered   
3)    Nicks, scratches and abrasions will not be covered as a result of normal use over the life of the product.                    
4)    Damage caused by excessive moisture or heat to create swelling, deterioration or discoloration will not be covered.               Laminate countertops are not covered under warranty if the sink is within 9” of a seam.                
5)    In the event of obsolescence a comparable product will be substituted for the defective part.                                
6)    Wood products will darken over time due to the effects of aging, natural and fluorescent lighting, and will not be                   warranted to maintain the same color.                            
7)    Warranty will be voided if payment has not been received.

Specific Warranties

1)    Cabinet hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, and metal slides carry a lifetime warranty and will be replaced if               found defective at any time. Replacement is limited to the product only and does not include labor. If an item is                     damaged due to misuse, overload or wrongly specified, warranty is void.
2)    Laminate counter tops carry a three-year warranty against manufactures defects and will be warranted by the original           manufacturer.        
3)    Acrylic and Quartz counters carry the manufacturer warranty period against defects in materials, and the fabricators             warranty period for workmanship and installation.


1)    All products must be inspected upon receipt. If there is any visible damage to the packaging, claims must be made               with the freight company.    
2)    Concealed damages should be noted on the packing slip and an Altima Cabinet Works representative must be                     informed in writing within 10 days for replacement, repair or correction.                
3)    We will not assume any responsibility for defective products that are installed beyond the replacement cost of the                   defective product.    

4)    All claims must be initiated with the contractor or re-seller unless prior authorization has been given.                                    

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