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Acceptance:  Quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise agreed to in writing. After 30 days, we reserve the right to re-quote.

Ownership:  Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. retains ownership on all products until fully paid.


Warranty:  Quotes are subject to our standard warranty terms and conditions. Warranty will not be honored if the total amount of invoice is unpaid.

Working Hours:  Unless agreed to in writing, work performed on site will be from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Evening and weekend work is subject to additional premiums over and above the installation charge quoted.

Access:  For the delivery and/or installation of products, Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. requires safe access to the closest possible drop point at the jobsite. This includes, a path wider than the largest object, clear of snow, ice and obstructions. If the delivery driver deems the access unclear or unsafe, the shipment will be returned and a new delivery will be scheduled at an additional cost to the customer.

Drop Point:  Products that are being delivered will be placed in the adjacent room closest to the work area. If the customer requests that the product to be placed in a further location (eg. detached garage) then they will be responsible for moving the product to the installation location. If the installer is requested to move the cabinets, then additional charges will be incurred.

Removal:  Unless otherwise noted, the customer is responsible for the disconnection of plumbing and electrical services, and the removal and disposal of existing cabinets. The disposal of the wrapping material from the cabinets is also the responsibility of the home owner.

Appliances:  All appliances are to be kept out of the work area until installation is complete. Altima will not install appliances, but will prepare the openings for all appliances. It is the customer's responsibility to provide Altima with the requested information regarding appliances at the planning stage. If this information is not provided, it is up to the customer to ensure their appliances fit into the openings provided by Altima.

Pets and Children:  For the safety of all concerned, pets and children must be kept clear of the work area. If after one warning, there is no compliance with the request, the installer will leave the jobsite and return when it is safe to do so.

Flooring:  Altima Cabinet Works is not responsible for the condition of the floor before, during or after installation. It is the customers responsibility to cover the finished floor with the appropriate material to prevent damage. This includes the path from the access door to the work area

Footwear: Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. safety policy does not allow any of our employees to remove their footwear during the course of delivery or installation

Cutting:  The customer must provide the installer an area for the use of saws in close proximity of the work area. In inclement weather such as rain or outside temperatures (wind chill adjusted) below -15 degrees Celsius, the installation may be postponed if an adequate area is not provided.

Late Penalties: Due to the fact that our raw materials are commodities, and there is a large labor component in our products,  Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. does not engage in penalty contracts, and will not accept reductions in payment even if Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. is deemed to be at fault unless agreed to in writing.

Color Variations: Due to the fact that wood is a natural product, color and grain variations in wood are considered normal and will not be accepted as a reason for replacement under our warranty.

Customer Supplied Products:  If it is agreed to that Altima Cabinet Works Ltd. is to install customer supplied products (i.e. handles), then the products must be on site prior to the installer arriving. If it is not on site, there will be additional charges for return trips.

Return Trips:  If the reason for return trip to complete the work because the customer has not provided information in time, or to facilitate other trades, there may be an additional charge for a return trip.

Claims:  Claims for damages or deficient work must be made in writing, within 7 days of installation. After 7 days, claims will not be accepted, unless it is covered under our standard warranty

Payment:  If the customer does not pay within the terms set out in the quote, all overdue balances are subject to a 2% per month interest charge

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